Simple Ways to Protect Your Glass Tabletops to Avoid Costly Glass Repair in Rutland, VT

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Installing glass tabletops is a great way to add beauty and a clean look to your home or business. Although you may not think you’re very keen on owning glass tables, don’t rule out glass surfaces just yet. While they may seem difficult to keep clean and free of damage, the longer you have it, the easier it becomes to maintain. You must also take all the benefits into account. So, whether you have a glass-topped coffee table, dining table, conference room table or desk—or are planning on getting one—it’s important that you care for it so it lasts a long time.

Here are six simple ways you can protect your glass tabletops to avoid costly glass repair in Rutland, VT:

  • Use coasters: Water rings are just as unsightly on glass tabletops as they are on wooden tables and other surfaces. To combat moisture contact, set out coasters and use them for all your beverage containers—especially cold beverages like water, beer, soda, juice and milk, because they will form condensation immediately out of the fridge. Leave a set of coasters on each tabletop so there’s no excuse to not use one.
  • Use placemats: All types of glass tabletops will hold dinner, lunch and snack dishes and utensils at some point—some are even used regularly for sit-down meals, like dinner tables. If you want your glass to stay looking new, then you should make using placemats mandatory, because without surface protection, the glass can sustain ugly damage over time.
  • Put down a tablecloth: A tablecloth is the quickest way to cover an entire tabletop before dinner guests arrive. It protects the glass from dropped food, moisture, scuffs and scratches and makes for easy cleanup. Or, if you want some of the glass top to show, simply use a table cloth runner down the center of the table and use placemats all around. Everyone can still see the beautiful glass surface even though it will largely be covered.
  • Wipe up spills: Liquid spills should be wiped up as soon as you notice them. Otherwise, your glass surface is liable to stain with discolored water rings and splotches. Set-in stains are tougher to remove, and too many stains could result in the need for glass repair or a full glass top replacement.
  • Clean often: Cleaning glass tables with an approved cleaner on a daily basis a foolproof method for preserving glass furniture components. It wipes away a whole day of water, food, fingerprints, dust and more.
  • Repair damage: You can avoid needing a glass tabletop replacement when you make repairs instead of waiting until the damage grows. Damage includes cracks, deep scratches, chips and breaks. Call in the pros for an assessment if you are unsure about the type or extent of the damage.

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