Residential Glass Services in Rutland, VT

Look around your home. Chances are, there’s glass in every room—whether it’s a window to the outside world, a mirror for your reflection or something custom like glass shower doors or a coffee table. If this glass needs to be repaired or replaced, it pays to have an expert professional on your side. Mountain Glass & Lock Corp. can do it all, ensuring your glass is restore to perfection, so you can appreciate its presence in your home once again.

Our capabilities span the gamut, from simple shower door repair all the way up to cutting and installing complex, custom windows in Rutland, VT. Moreover, no matter what type of glass service we’re providing, you can rest assured we’re delivering nothing short of exceptional workmanship. Our services include:

chipped glass

Glass repair

From cracks in your window panes to chips in your glass coffee table, we provide glass repair in Rutland, VT in any capacity you might require it. We ensure your glass is restored to perfection and that there’s no evidence damage ever occurred.

window installation

Glass installation

Our team is adept at glass installation in any capacity—including new window installation in Rutland, VT. We ensure your glass is installed seamlessly and perfectly bonded for a safe, stable, secure fit.

glass replacement

Glass replacement

In addition to window replacement in Rutland, VT, we also provide replacement panes of glass for a wide range of residential applications. Our team can work with you to assess the full scope of a glass replacement, to provide honest, upfront quotes.

glass shower

Specialty glass

Our specialty glass capabilities are unparalleled! We can do everything from mirrors to glass shower doors in Rutland, VT and beyond, even cutting glass for small windows and decorative fixtures.

For more information about our full range of residential glass capabilities or to inquire about how we can assist you with your home’s glass needs, please call us today at 802-747-4511.